Who’s that handsome hot dog?

Hot Dougs is an NFT collection featuring 6,969 editions of “Doug”, an endearing hot dog living in a world of hungry humans. Every Doug has its day, find yours.

Meat our hero

Being an anthropomorphic hot dog isn’t easy, especially when you’re highly aware of your expiration date. Despite the odds stacked against him, Doug faces each new day with fearless gratitude. You’ll notice that not every version of Doug is happy and not every one is sad. Doug holds the full spectrum of human emotion between two buns… read more

No hot dogs were harmed in the creation of this scientific model.

Doug’s anatomy

Every Hot Doug is a unique and randomly generated version of Doug. The collection features 238 unique traits and 12.4 million possible combinations of Dougs.

6,969 editions, hot off the grill…

We don’t want to give away too much, but here are some samples of the types of Dougs you might get when minting.